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Learn To Ballroom Dance -                                     With or Without a Partner

Whether you are a social dancer and dance for the sheer joy it brings to your life or if you want to challange yourself and excel at competitive ballroom dance, we can help.  All ballroom dance instructors are highly experienced and dedicated to teaching you the skills you'll need to accomplish your dance goals.  All staff members are certified teachers and judges with the North American Dance Teachers Association, the United States Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, USA Dance and the World DanceSport Federation.

What Is Ballroom Dancing?

Depending on how you approach ballroom dancing, it can be fun, competetive, exercise etc . . .But one thing is for sure, it's never boring.  Because we teach a wide variety of dances including waltz, tango, foxtrot, swing, salsa, and slow dance, you'll always have new ways to challenge yourself and stay fit.

Ballroom dancing started as social dancing at balls.  Staying true to the roots of ballroom dancing, we offer parties and group lessons to offer you an opportunity to dance with others in a friendly, social enviroment.