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We Teach Ballroom Dance!

The Right Dance Instruction For Your Needs

Social Ballroom Dancing:

If you want to dance for the fun of it, improve your skills, prepare for a social event (e.g. wedding) or reap all the health benefits dancing has to offer, then our recreational dance track is for you.  We offer instruction in private, group and party practice sessions for all styles of ballroom and latin dancing including:

Waltz - Tango - Foxtrot - Swing - Salsa - Slow Dance

Learn about our starter package > click here.

Showcase Ballroom Dancing

Are you a fan of Dancing With The Stars?  Would you like to perform a cheorographed routine in a showcase setting?  If the answer is YES, then this type of training is also available and can be performed at our Semi-Annual Showcase.

Competitive Ballroom Dancing:

If competing is in your blood, we offer specific instruction for those who want to excel.  For more information on our competitive dance training, contact us > click here.

We have coached more than 6 national championship couples.   Many who hold numerous USA Dance National titles.  We are the only members of the United States Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in the state of Alabama. 

Discover more about the champions we have trained > click here.