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"DWTS" Judge at USA Dance Nationals!


The USA Dance Nationals were held in Baltimore, MD, on March 30th and 31st and April 1st at the Rennaisance Harborplace Hotel. On Friday the competitions ran from 8am to Midnight and on Saturday and Sunday from 7am to Midnight. USA Dance National Championships were awarded in International Ballroom and Latin as well as American Smooth and Rhythm categories in ages Pre-teen through Senior and some of the couples qualified to possibly represent the United States in the World Championships as well. Celebrity Judge, Carrie Ann Inaba from "Dancing With The Stars" bestowed some special " Star Quality Awards". Kim Smith was asked to judge and did so for the weekend, leaving Steve Hadley to keep notes on the dancers that we coach and helping them out wherever possible.

     The dancers that I was keeping tabs on did very well and made Dr. Dance very proud. Here are some results. George and Karan Barton:Senior II Bronze Smooth-5th Place, Senior II Bronze Rhythm-4th Place,Senior III Bronze Smooth-5th Place and Senior III Bronze Rhythm-3rd Place. Carmine Rucco and Maria Bolyard:Senior I Gold and Novice Rhythm Champions, Senior I Gold Smooth-5th Place and Senior I Silver Ballroom-6th Place. Richard Stewart and Melanie Tichenor:Senior I Gold Ballroom-6th Place, Senior I Novice BallroomII-4th Place, Senior II Gold Ballroom-6th Place and Senior II Novice Smooth-6th Place. Bob and Debbie Pratico:Senior III Gold Smooth-3rd Place, Senior III Novice Ballroom-2nd Place and Senior III Novice Smooth-5th Place. Jim Crowell and Sterling Sightler:Senior III Bronze Ballroom-6th Place and Senior III Silver Smooth-6th Place. Jerry and Irina Donahue:Adult Bronze Smooth-7th Place, Senior I Bronze Smooth-4th Place and Senior I Silver Smooth-6th Place. 1 couple was from Birmingham, AL, 2 couples from Huntsville, AL, 2 couples from Baton Rouge, LA and 1 couple from New Orleans, LA.

     Carrie Ann Inaba was very visible throughout the weekend. She was generous with her time, taking pictures with anyone who wanted including Bobbie Hawk and Mark Orr, also Carmine Rucco and chatting with people. Carrie Ann is also the Official National Celebrity Ambassador for USA Dance beginning this year.






      On Saturday, March 3rd, afternoon "DWTS" celebrity contestant Gladys Knight and her professional partner Tristan MacManus came to Dr. Dance Studio in Birmingham, AL to practice their dance routine for the season premier show, which will be shown on Monday, March 19th on the ABC Network.

      Tristan arrived with the crew at about 1:30pm, which gave us a chance to chat with him. This is his second season on "DWTS". Last season he danced with Nancy Grace. He had previously retired from competition dancing 12 years ago to play "football" (soccer), but eventually returned to dancing. He was in the cast of "Dirty Dancing" in London and then did two tours with "Burn The Floor" before joining the cast of "DWTS".

      Miss Knight arrived about 40 minutes later. Gladys Knight is of course one of the greatest R&B singers of all time. Having had such mega-hits as "Midnight Train To Georgia" and " If I Were Your Woman". She had given a show in Austin, TX on Friday night and was performing in Anniston, AL on Saturday night and stopped in Birmingham, AL to practice in between.

      Gladys and Tristan were both extremely personable and gracious toward us and allowed us to watch the practice, which lasted until about 4:00pm. Tristan had most of the choreography done, but was waiting for the final music edit to complete it. They had had only three and a half hours practice over the two peceding days, but worked very hard during this practice and were eventually able to dance all the way through the material with the music.

      We were amazed at the amount of progress Gladys had made in such a short time. You would expect her to have good timing, but she dazzled us with her ability to use her body. We anticipate a terrific first night performance that will give Gladys and Tristan a good leg up for the start of the competition. At the end of the practice Tristan showed Gladys an autographed picture we had from when Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough had practiced one Friday night in 2007 at our studio and had gone on to win that season. Tristan said,"There's your omen." Wouldn't that be terrific!

      Make sure to watch the premiere. You may see some filmed sequences at Dr. Dance.



On March 30 & 31 and April 1, USA Dance will hold their annual National Amateur Dancesport

Championships at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland.

National Championship titles will be awarded in various styles, levels and age categories.

We are excited to be attending to support many of the couples in our Dr. Dance family, who

are competing for National titles. Among the couples we'll be watching are George & Karen

Barton (Birmingham, AL), Carmine Rucco & Maria Bolyard (Huntsville, AL), Bob & Debbie

Pratico (Huntsville,AL), Jim Crowell & Sterling Sightler (Baton Rouge, LA) and Richard Stewart &

Melanie Tichenor (Baton Rouge, LA). We're looking forward to a fun and successful weekend.

Best of luck to the competitors! Check the April blog for observations and results.













This is the initial blog for Dr. Dance. It happens to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of Dr. Dance in

Birmingham, Alabama. We have had the pleasure of teaching thousands of people about dancing over

the years. Our teaching has run the gamut from social dancing, wedding preparation, choreographed

performance to competition preparation.

We have been enthusiastic supporters of the dance community in Birmingham and elsewhere as well as

a variety of charities through exhibitions, instruction, donations and promotion.

On Thursday, September 29th, we had our 25th Anniversary Party at the studio. Not only did current

students come but a number of former students attended as well. A fun time was had by all. Kim and

Steve performed an International Waltz for the enthusiastic audience of well wishers.

In future blogs we will dicuss dance topics, give dance hints and speak of noteworthy dance occurences.

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