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Dr. Dance Spotlight Party!

Come join us on Friday, June 10th for our semi-annual Spotlight Party. We start early at 7:30pm and continue until 10:30pm. In addition to the usual general dancing, there will be 2 show times. Each show will contain a Solo Routine performance as well as Mock Freestyle Competitions, all in full costume dress. There will be General Dancing before the 1st show, between shows and after the 2nd show. Plan to come, not only to dance, but to root on our performers, who are using this a dress rehearsal for the Gumbo Competition on June 24th through June 27th in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which is a National Qualifying Event for the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships, to be held in 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland. Our Spotlight Party will also have Special Refreshments. Don't miss out on a great evening! IT'S OPEN TO EVERYONE! Admission is only $10 per adult and $5 per high school or college student. COME ONE,COME ALL!!!

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