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A Program For Everyone

Private Lessons   -   Group Lessons   -   Practice Sessions   -   Dances

We have programs available to accomplish your dance goals, from basic night club dancing to compettitive dancing.

Introductory Program:

  • 2 Private Lessons

  • 4 Group Lessons

  • 1 Party/Practice Session

7 Sessions for $50.00

Special Wedding Package

     * 4 Private Lessons for $75.00

Private Lessons

As with all of our instructional sessions, private lessons are taught with a couple and an instructor or if you do not have a partner, our instructor will be your partner.  The private lesson is an excellent way to fine tune your skills or help you past any hurdles you may have in a specific dance.  Private lesson are fun, and oh yeah, we also sneak in some good dance instruction along the way.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are designed to be an economical way to gain dance instruction. Don't have a partner, no worries because you will be paired up with another student or an instructor.  Two dances are taught at each group class providing you with concentrated instruction on desired dances. The same dances will be taught all month. 


Practice Sessions

Practice Sessions are a way to use your new skills with a variety of dances and partners under real conditions but in a controlled environment.  Practice Sessions last an hour.  Dance as much or as little as you like.  Each song played is about two - three minutes so you'll have more opportunities to dance your favorite moves.




Let the good times roll!!!  What good is learning to dance if you have nowhere to dance?  We will run an open ballroom dance, usually on the second Friday of each month from 8:00 to 10:30 pm.  The best in recorded music will be played in a wide variety of dances.