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Recent Competitors We've Trained 


 Carmine Rucco and Maria Bolyard

2009 USA Dance - Sr I - Bronze Smooth and Rhythm National Champions

2011 USA Dance - Sr I - Gold Rhythm and Novice Smooth & Rhythm Champions





Rita Snyder and Richard Richards


2010 & 2011 Open Argentine Tango Gumbo Dancesport Champions

2011 - Sr I & II - Bronze Smooth & Standard Gumbo Dancesport Champions

2011 - Sr I & II - Silver Smooth & Standard Gumbo Dancesport Finalists




Robert and Debbie Pratico

2011 USA Dance - Sr III - Silver Smooth and Gold Smooth & Standard National Championship Finalists









 Regina Clark and Ricky Calle


2011 - Sr I - Bronze Smooth, Standard & Rhythm Gumbo Dancesport Championship Finalists




George and Karan Barton

2011 - Sr III - Silver Rhythm Gumbo Dancesport Champions








Jack Jaubert and Suzanne Burke-Jaubert

2009 USA Dance - Sr III - Gold Smooth National Champions









Maurice Allen & Phyllis Nola   

2011 - Sr. III Silver & Gold Standard and Gold Smooth Gumbo Dancesport Champions









Richard Stewart & Melanie Tichenor  

2011- Sr.I & II Bronze Standard USA Dance National Finalists
2011 - Sr.I & II Silver Standard and Sr.II Novice Smooth Carolina Fall Classic Champions








Jim Crowell & Sterling Sightler


2011-Sr.III Bronze Standard and Gold Smooth Carolina Fall Classic Champions